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Melbourne’s Best New Bakeries and Sandwich Shops of 2023

Audrey Payne

7 Dec 2023

Croissants took many forms in 2023. With cubes, hemispheres and squiggles often standing in for the classic crescent shape.

But as Julia Moskin wrote back in March for the * New York Times*, “We will never reach peak croissant.” There’s always room for new and inventive takes on the buttery French classic. At the family-run 2023 newcomer Drom, these include creative flaky variations like the twice-baked hazelnut and chocolate crescent-shaped croissant; the mixed berry and custard half-moon croissant; buttery crème brûlée croissants; and even a half-moon “croissant sandwich” filled with pickled lobster, yuzu, chives, lettuce and celery.

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